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The National Online Talent Search Exam (NOTSE)  is an International Olympiad conducted by ULC (Upskills Learning Council) & Regulated by ICERT (International Council For Educational Research & Training, USA), across India and abroad.

The National Online Talent Search Exam (NOTSE) is a platform for the schools/Academic Institutes/ parents to opt “AIS” methodology for their gifted child’s which comprises as an Assessment of Intellectual Skills of their gifted children. It helps to assess the overall intellectual knowledge, level of understanding, and reasoning ability of students (Class 1 to Class 10) across India and abroad.

It’s a proven best platform to judge and analyze their performance & WIN at Regional/National/Global Level.


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If you have good relations with School Principles, Teachers, Tutors and also have desire to contribute to the field of education, NOTSE offers you an opportunity to interact with schools and partner with them in the process of Testing & Assessment. ICERT USA in association with ULC India is also engaged in conducting the most popular NOTSE Olympiads NMO, NSO, NEO, NCO, NSSO, NGKO for school students.

NOTSE offers – NMO, NSO, NEO, NCO, NGKO and NSSO – six, skill-based Olympiads that cover prime areas of education to measure ‘understanding’ and not just ‘imparting’. The outcomes of these tests provide a detailed feedback about the overall academic strength & weakness of students from class 1 to 10, in the prime areas of education. This offers schools, the ability to benchmark themselves vis-à-vis schools in the country and help them pin-point areas of their own strength & weakness in as much as their students’ understanding with respect to the curriculum.

Many schools have raised their standard of education and overall ranking after studying their own strengths & weaknesses through our Assessment, and then taking the right steps accordingly.

Till date, 1 million students have benefited themselves by participating in our Olympiads.

  1. Building a list of schools in your and/or nearby town/city, periodically visiting them and making presentations regarding ICERT Olympiads.
  2. Coordinating between the Schools that sign up with ICERT, to ensure smooth execution of the assessment test and other activities.
  3. For the academic year 2021-22 onwards, all exams will be conducted online. So you can motivate individual participants also from any place across the country.
  1. Good communication skills and an inclination towards accepting challenges.
  2. Teachers / Lecturers / Professors / Homemakers with an orientation towards School Education preferred.
  3. Homemakers who have worked previously and who can devote some time.
  4. Ready to work on a freelance basis. Most of the remuneration is paid in the form of commissions so the potential to earn is unlimited.
  5. A quick learner with a deep personal motivation towards self-improvement.
  6. “Willing to work in the field” and travel within the city/ town. Having a vehicle would help.
  7. A strong desire to do something “different” and a liking for education. Prior experience in interacting with schools will definitely help.

We appoint two types of Regional Coordinators:

1. Regional Coordinator (Direct): He/ She promotes all our Olympiads for direct registrations on our website .

2. Regional Coordinator (Institutional): He/ She promote all our Olympiads for Schools/institutions in a particular area. Both types of Coordinators are appointed based on their skills, capabilities and feasibility.

Are you presently working/ retired Teacher, Principal/ Head Master/Head Mistress, principal or a social worker? Work as a freelancer with us. Become National Online Talent Search Exam – NOTSE Coordinator and let the schools learn about the educational benefits that we provide. Send us your request by filling in your details in the Coordinator’s form.

If you are presently working/Retired Teacher,Head Master,Principal,Social Worker you can become Coordinator NOTSE

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